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All refund requests are honored and carefully investigated if made in a timely fashioned, and no more than 24 hours after the member's deposit transaction was completed. Profit I Need reserves the right to dismiss any refund request based on the company decision and backed up by these terms. Confidentiality is the protection of information from third parties and keeping it safe. The company "Doctortrader Limited" company undertakes to use the personal data of Investors in accordance with the national principles of confidentiality provided in the Privacy Act, the National Privacy Principles and the Confidentiality Law. "Doctortrader Limited" undertakes to maintain complete confidentiality and protection of personal information about Investors and guarantees the security of the personal data of each User. "Doctortrader Limited" has the right to use any information of the Clients in order to enforce this Agreement and/or to ensure the management and development of the Resource. The User has the right to personally verify compliance with all rules when "Doctortrader Limited" uses his personal data. The Client can make an appropriate request to the support. First of all the Company will use your personal data to inform the Investors (You) with all the news and services provided by "Doctortrader Limited", as well as with any other information regarding "Doctortrader Limited" and your account. Users’ personal information can also be used to identify and/or to prevent fraud, resolve any disputes, maintain business relations, optimize the work of the Resource. Your personal data will not be displayed anywhere, it will be used only by our company's employees for the above mentioned purposes. Only the User can see all personal messages sent by the system. You can change your personal information in the settings of your account. If you cannot change some parameters in your profile, it means that these parameters are fixed by the system for the security of your data. In that case, you should contact support.

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